June Newsletter

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We would like to thank everyone for your cooperation in the spring cleaning of the breezeways and patio areas. With everyone's help we scored very high on our inspection and were able to remove excessive items in the breezeway and patio areas. Please understand we truly want you to be comfortable in your home in and out; however we must remove all items in the breezeways except for a mat and wreathe by the door for many reasons. Also, now that we have stationary grills throughout the property, grills are no longer allowed to be stored on your patio or used elsewhere other than the ones provided. Just wanted to clarify for all residents. Also it has been noticed that lots of trash is falling out of peoples cars and left behind, lets all do our part and pick up and trash behind ourselves.


Over the past few months a few habits have been noticed that need to be addressed. When putting in a work order/request please make sure you are contacting the office by phone or email or online, as maintenance should not be chased down or approached when working on another issue. By someone interrupting our maintenance staff they may not complete the task at hand. Also the work orders received will be done in the order of the request being put in. So moving forward please do not approach maintenance with a service request and please do not enter any vacate apartment which maintenance may be working in.

Upcoming Events

  • June 3rd/June 4th– Annual Fire Inspection, be aware you may hear fire alarms going off.
  • June 8th- Summer Kick Off Pool Splash party from 2:00-4:00pm Food, Fun and Games
  • July 14th– Best of Cleveland County voting will occur on The Shelby Star’s website. We would be honored to be voted again this year as “Best of Cleveland”

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