“BOO” is coming for YOU!

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Welcome to the world of Halloween BOO-ing! Crown Ridge will be sending a few “Boo” treat bags around the community and a “Boo” may end up on your doorstep!

If you receive “Boo”:

  1. The items inside are yours to keep or pass along to another neighbor.
  2. Place items and treats in the bag and place it on another neighbor's doorstep. Examples of items for the “Boo” treat bags: Candy, candles, small pumpkins, party favors, coffee mugs, coffee, chips, hand towels, coloring books, pumpkin spice anything.

Please Note:

  • The instructions should be kept with the bag and replace items taken out with Halloween favors of your choice.
  • Items placed inside for favors should not be inappropriate or offensive to another or extremely scary.
  • If for some reason you receive “Boo” more than once or if you do not wish to participate, please pass it along to another breezeway or building so that everyone has a chance to be “Booed” at Crown Ridge.

Let's keep it going through Halloween!

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